John Faught & Monica Schafer restore the iconic architect, Bruce Goff's Youngstrom House at Lake Quivira, KS. Originally built for Dr. Karl and Glenna Youngstrom in 1968, follow the renovation progress here.

Kitchen Floor Demo





Eeek! TWO layers of tile to remove in the kitchen. Sadly, neither revealed what was the original floor. The top layer of black, polished stone was installed by the last owner in early 2000s atop a pinkish gray tile that was installed in the early 90’s during the homes last major renovation. The underlying tile was very difficult to remove as was installed using lathing and mortar technique that was nailed into the subfloor.

The birch-esque laminate floors in the living room, bedroooms and landings were easy to remove. The panels snapped together tongue and groove style without any glue or nails. This was a great and easy demo project that the kids even helped out with.

The laminate floor, tile and glass brick wall removed from the bedroom fit into the trailer in one load which we unloaded at the dump ourselves.


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